Month: December 2023

Personal Tax Relief 2023

Personal Tax Relief 2023 Individual Relief NO. INDIVIDUAL RELIEF TYPE      AMOUNT (RM) 1. Individual And Dependent Relatives 9000 2. Husband/Wife/Alimony To The Ex-Wife 4000 3. Self Study Degree

Gain on disposal of Real Property Company (RPC) shares is taxable?

SHARES IN REAL PROPERTY COMPANY (RPC) Gain on dosposal of RPC shares is taxable effective from 21.10.1988 when Paragraph 34A of Schedule 2 RPGTA was introduced Pursuant to Paragraph 34A

Review Of Tax Incentive For Equity Crowdfunding

Current Treatment Individual investors who invest in equity crowdfunding (ECF) are eligible for tax exemption on aggregate income equivalent to 50% of the amount invested. The tax incentive is for investments

Capital Gain Tax on Disposal of Unlisted Shares

Current Treatment Tax on gains from the disposal of real property and shares in real property companies is imposed under the Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976 at a rate of



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